v/a – Forged In Metal - Old And New Forces In Metal 2xCD

v/a – Forged In Metal - Old And New Forces In Metal 2xCD

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At War– Ilsa (She Wolf Of The S.S.) (Unpublished, Live Oct 30th, 2009)

Cage– Chupacabra (Spanish Language Version)

Eagle Knight– In Danger (Unpublished Alternative Version)

Homo Herectus– A Space Odissey (Unpublished)

Wyvern– Lonely In The Street (Re-recorded Version '06)

Concrete Force– Epic Of Hate (Unpublished)

Legacy– The Beast (Unpublished Alternative Version)

Electric Messiah– The Last Exile (Demo Version)

Stone Demons– Vampyr (Unpublished Re-recorded Version '09)

L'Impero Delle Ombre– Il Giardino Dei Morti (Unpublished Remix '09)

Voltax– Metalmaster (Previously Unpublished)

Abiotx– Horror Begets Horror (Demo Version)

Hiding Tower– Journey Into The City Of The Endless Dark (Unpublished)

Evil– My Town (Re-recorded Version '09)

Sentinel Beast– Kill The Witch (Re-recorded Version)

Gumo Maniacs– Maniac Metal (Demo Version)

Armagedon– Madre Tierra

Bud Tribe– Black Widow (Re-recorded '09)

Confraternita Del Vuoto Immenso– The Other Side (Unpublished)

Firasah– Si Penanggal (Demo)

Speedtrap– Redemption Of Might

Soul Eater– Satan's Fist

Toxik Society– Toxik Invasion (Demo)

Overtopp– Damned To Hell (Unpublished English Languaje Version)

Axe Battler– Killers Of The Night (Demo)

Deliria– 13 Witches (Demo)

Crazy Lazy– ¡Que Viva El Rock! (Remastered)

Grave Cross– Curse Of The Witch (Remastered)

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